Part 001 – What is Digital Branding?

Are you a startup or a solopreneur wanting to understand the topic and confused where to get the right information? In this digital age, startups and companies are really confused about this entire terminology. And google gives around million result to make more confusion. If you wanna get clarity about the entire digital branding then I have made a series of articles which will popup every week to give super duper clarity. So stay tuned for further updates on the same.

Even before understanding the differences right, first we need the understand What is branding? Please jump to my previous article on 4C’s of What is Branding to know more. Lets get the differences right in the first place.

Brand, branding and digital branding: What’s the difference?

  • Your Brand is set of perceptions people have about your business
  • Branding is set of actions to cultivate that brand
  • Digital Branding is how we shape the above set of actions in the digital space

Let’s suppose you are on the verge on launching a sports brand. Now you want people to think that your brand is more active, fun, flexible and fit. Anything that you do to reflect the same image to define, in terms of logo, website and social media then that’s digital branding in a nutshell.

2. Digital Branding versus Digital Marketing

Digital Branding is all about increasing the brand recognition with your target customers and strengthening who you are in the digital space. Whereas digital marketing is the tactics and strategies used to drive results for a specific initiative.

For example your website, logo, branding elements like color pallet, typography etc… shapes the way you want your visitors to feel about you the moment they encounter with your brand in any medium of communication. The way you generate traffic to your website using SEO, Google AD words, and Social Media is digital marketing in a nutshell.

Digital marketing includes strategies like:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Growth Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

“In short Digital Branding shapes the perception: Digital Marketing gets the word out.”

3. Why Digital Branding is a must for small businesses

3.1 Breakthrough the clutter

With lots and lots of brand coming almost everyday, it’s seemingly difficult to stand out and breakthrough the noise from the crowded marketplace. Here’s when digital branding comes handy to grab the attention, clean differentiator from the marketplace, also explains your audience, that why should they be working together.

3.2 Build Better Brand Recognition

Like the good old saying, the more the merrier, same works here too. The number of times people encounter you the better. Increases visibility, retention, engagement and interactivity. It can be through form of digital media like website, social media, online ads, banner ads, e-mail. The key is to stay consistent and keep building your recognition along the way.

3.3 Connect with Ideal Audience

Digital Branding is one sure way to connect with the right audience, Not only connect, start building a relationship and finally convert them to paying customers.

My Final Thoughts

So only with digital branding, one can truly break through the online clutter, stand out as a clean differentiator and grab your customer’s attention. So catch on with the digital branding brand wagon be a brand to truly resonate with.

Whether you develop your brand from scratch or if you have an existing business, having these above points will be a good checklist, for you or your organization to avoid. It can also be useful for people who are start-ups or solopreneurs too. Finally branding is all about weaving the human side and making it magical for your business or professional journey.

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What mistakes are you making with your brand? Do some of the points relate to you to do you have a new one?

Or just feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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