5 Reasons Why You’re Brand Is Not Working?

Let’s face what you gotta face, the money that you just shelled for a real kick-ass logo is not your brand. WHATTT! I truly understand that’s your reaction but the reality remains the same. This article explains it with five good reasons. For those who have just peeked in, let’s first understand what is branding in a nut shell?—

A brand is what people say, think + feel about your biz, that comes from encounters + turn into perceptions.

I have seen many clients who have got a logo design done and did a launch, but suddenly down the line, they realize their startup is not working. And now they are feeling the pinch of why they quit their job. It’s high time now that we all understand why you’re a brand is not working for you even before you reach a shocking situation.

1. A Logo Is Not Your Brand

Please do not be in trouble by hiring just a logo designer, it’s important to have a look at what your brand is all about even before you begin. It’s just not enough to have a different looking or a unique logo, but it’s important to understand you’re value, purpose, and direction. It’s not about just selling your product or service, but selling the promise that you make or defining the problem that you can solve for your consumers.

2. You Don’t Know Your Audience

It’s really saddening to know almost everyone, are unable to understand their audience. The biggest misconception that I see is, people largely think that consumers buy from them because they have a really cool product or service which they have to offer. Or a really good deal they can throw in the market. But as much as I understand, people buy you simply because you can solve their problems. The problem can be anything crappy – like

  • They will not feel bored anymore, you’re the only best option for them
  • Your the best motivator – in case if you’re a business coach.
  • They like the way you communicate to them
  • Or just about anything…..

So the ground reality is if you know you’re an audience, you will truly understand what you’re selling to them means.

3. By Not Hiring a Professional for Your Logo Design

Sometimes in life, we want easy solutions so we just end up giving the logo to one of our relative or someone whom might not understand and land up doing something in Photoshop coz they have just learned it some time ago. Remember that you are screwing up your own brand image and credibility and burning more money end of the day.

If people who look at your logo find you suspicious or not worthy enough to solve their problems, your in a big soup again. At every given situation, the challenge you need to encounter is to make your logo work for you and not against you. So wake up to too great original and clearly defined logo.

If you really want to know what makes a good logo? Just stay tuned for my further updates.

4. By Not Having An Action Plan

It’s often felt that by having a great logo and a beautiful website, it’s all said and done. By my dear readers that really not enough in today’s time and age. We need to have a constructive marketing plan with clear and precise business objectives. You need to ask yourself –

a. What steps will you take to market your business?

b. How will you reach your audience?

c. How will you be known?

5. By Not Being Consistent

Let’s list the reasons that why and how one many lack consistency:-

a. Logo looks different on every platform

b. Too many colors and fonts used

c. Professional website but stuck on twitter.

d. You post once a month on Facebook

e. You mail to people when you remember that it exists

Overall you fail to create an experience for your for all your clients from start to finish.

My Final Thoughts

Whether you develop your brand from scratch or if you have an existing business, having these above points will be a good checklist, for you or your organization to avoid. It can also be useful for people who are start-ups or solopreneurs too. Finally branding is all about weaving the human side and making it magical for your business or professional journey.

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What mistakes are you making with your brand? Do some of the points relate to you to do you have a new one?

Or just feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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