Brand Purpose Part 01 – The What, Why & How

What, exactly, is brand a purpose? Why is it so important? And how can you define, build, and market a brand purpose that feels true to who you are—and builds a real connection with your ideal customers in the process? Well well well, if you really wanna know about these things, then this article is for you.

I have taken different points from various websites such as Don’t Panic, Medium Blog,, and hence would like to attribute the same to them. But I have given my own clarity and thoughts to it, in a much better comprehensive manner. I have also written an in-depth article on difference between tagline, slogan and Brand Promise, which may be useful to understand the entire connect to it. Click on this to have a further read for a better understanding of the same.

Do watch out on my next two articles on Brand Promise Examples And How to define, build, and market your brand purpose for the next two versions of the same. So for now, let’s dive in into our first point.

1. What is Brand Purpose?

Even as humans it’s important to live a life of intention, purpose and meaning, exactly the same works for brands too. After all branding is nothing but humanizing your approach towards your business beyond likes, followers, profits and figures.

So even a powerful brand purpose sets out a company’s intent to change the world for the better and connects with consumers on a personal level. The rise in conscious consumers, lifestyle and behavior means that you need to think about the social, environmental, ecological and political position of your brand.

Here’s Sinek’s TED Talk on the subject:

The best definition I have heard is ‘a higher order reason for a brand to exist than just making a profit’. A good place to start is Simon Sinek’s work around the ‘why’ of a brand.

Knowing the deeper ‘why’ your company or brand exists provides the foundation on which to build everything else — your ‘how’ (organizational culture, brand experience) and your ‘what’ (what products or services you offer).

2. Why is Brand Purpose Important?

“A rising generation of consumers is looking for brands to stand for something bigger than the products they sell,” says Bemporad. “They want brands to embody an inspiring ethos, bring a strong point of view, and take action to make a positive impact in the world.”

Here are some key advantages to having a brand purpose:

  • Your brand purpose adds value not just to the lives of customers but to society as a whole.
  • Having a brand purpose can help build a more emotional relationship between a brand and its consumer, which in turn, helps to boost sales as well as loyalty.
  • A unique brand purpose can differentiate your brand from competitors.

3. How of A Brand Purpose

Creating a brand purpose is easy for someone who wants to begin from the scratch. But for established brands. Some of the steps to be taken into consideration would be –

3.1 Distinguish your brand purpose from CSR –

It’s not about painting a community center wall and contributing a sum of money for a social cause. Please do not align both together. As Brand Purpose goes much and more deeper than a promise. A promise is directly related to the benefits or value from the product or service in the the offering by the company. Where as Brand Purpose is a far more greater, long term and bigger in goal, to change the lives of people for the betterment in the society and livelihood.

Where your talent and needs of the world meet, there lies your purpose.

By Aristotle

3.2 Be clear about who your brand is and why you do what you do

For the clarity of this point, I have already shared a TEDx Talk video by Simon Sinek, where he explains to start with Why. Please go through the video for better understanding. One can just not have a why ans over sit on it simply. It has to be established for new brands from the offset and at least be something that the brand has evolved over time.

3.3. Think Long-Term

As stated in the previous point, neither it’s an tactic, nor is it a one-time effort. It has to be told in and out for a brand messaging and voice the same to the audience.

3.4 Put your customer’s first

This simply means putting your customer’s first in every step of business decision that you are taking. Though it may not align with the purpose, to your buyers but will align with your audience. The sole purpose of a good brand purpose will always keep it’s customer’s first.

4. Brand Purpose Examples


What gives your brand or business a meaning and purpose? Are you traveling a path in your business that is uniquely yours? What are your experiences?

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